The idea behind Yellow Brick Road, even before the name came into the equation, began to take shape when we aimed to discover the secret recipe for success. We kept asking the question, “why do some entrepreneurs make it and some don’t?” Was it because some were better leaders than others? Did some just have the right network and skills? Or did they simply have the ability to fund their dreams themselves?

We visited communities in the United States, Germany and South Africa, then continued our research with the help of Google to figure out what was and wasn’t working.

Originally, we thought the X factor in the equation of success would be mentorship. Mentorship seemed to be something that set many entrepreneurs apart from others when it came to reaching their dreams. As we began to talk to these game-changing mentors and other entrepreneurs, we discovered that there are two other components to success.   

The first component was the need to talk to someone that specializes in the area where the problem was encountered, like a CFO, attorney or digital marketing guru. The second component was actual resources — books, content or classes to learn more. We decided there wasn’t just one answer to the question, it was a combination of mentors, subject matter experts and a curated framework.

Entrepreneurs that make it often incorporate these three components, which is why Yellow Brick Road has combined mentorship, SMEs and a curated framework to guide you along the road to success.


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