Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay $7,500 when there are free resources available?

If you feel the free resources are adequate to help you launch and grow a remarkable company, please save your money. However, if you want to walk this path with an outstanding team of mentors and subject matter experts that have been there and done it, $7,500 is nothing, relative to the benefits. Think risk mitigation, think revenue generation, think speed to market...these areas alone will be affected enough to substantiate the cost.

Why do you only accept teams of 2-4?

Statistics show that solo entrepreneurs are exponentially less successful than teams of 2-4. Also, once you start getting past 4 co-founders, it starts becoming much more complex. We believe that 2-4 co-founders is optimal for most startups. Plus, think about it. With 3 other co-founders, you can split the cost of the program four ways, making your share of the bill $1,875.

How do you select your Mentors and SMEs?

The process to hire our Mentors and SMEs is exceptionally rigorous. We want to ensure that our startups get the best possible experience. In order to make that happen, we hire only the best Mentors and SMEs. We believe that if we hire awesome people, our startup clients will reap the benefits.