Mentors + Subject Matter Experts + Curated Framework

Yellow Brick Road partners with entrepreneurs through their entire process of leading their business to their definition of success. With our team of exceptional Mentors, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and our thoughtfully curated, best-in-industry Framework, we create a seamless process for entrepreneurs to navigate the sometimes ambiguous, difficult, and lonely journey of building their companies.

Upon acceptance into Yellow Brick Road, mentors are carefully matched to mentors that lead them through the entirety of the curated framework. While entrepreneurs go through different modules, which make up the curated framework, they will also work with SMEs specific to the module content.

Yellow Brick Road is also a community, not just resources and processes; our entrepreneurs will be supported throughout the lifetime of their leadership journey.

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Our mentors are world-class, and they understand the unique needs of entrepreneurs. Our rigorous vetting and on-boarding process ensures that they are only the best of the best.

Our mentors range from the leaders who have built something from nothing to those guiding Fortune 500 companies. They have experience in every area of building a business, from the small details of business emails to deep experience in what it takes to raise money. They are equipped with global networks and diverse backgrounds, particularly in civic engagement. They volunteer to be part of the Yellow Brick Road community because they know what it takes to take a company to the next level, and they care about helping you get there. Your mentor will walk you through every step of your entire experience at Yellow Brick Road, ensuring you define what success means for your company.


Our Subject Matter Experts, or SMEs, are the thought leaders of their industries. They will put you through the paces, stretch you, and help you grow into the entrepreneur you want to be.

No one leader knows everything. Each subject matter expert (SME) provides the depth and specific tools that you’ll need to solve different problems that you’ll encounter on the way to achieving your goals. Whether you’re grappling with leadership, financial, operations or marketing hurdles, our experts will make sure you have the coaching as well as the specific and practical tools that deliver everything you need to succeed. You will have access to eleven different subject matter experts throughout the duration of your engagement with Yellow Brick Road.

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Our curated framework is built to help entrepreneurs through any stage of their business. Our mentors and SMEs are here to guide you throughout this content to ensure you derive the maximum amount of value.

Content paves the Yellow Brick Road. Our content is a collection of the best resources available in addition to proprietary modules that we have created to help you reach your goals. Whether you are familiar with the business model canvas, which you will see in our framework, or if it is some of our in-house content, like “How To Be Awesome”, this content will challenge you and equip you for the road ahead.


Yellow Brick Road is working with Thrive Workplace to provide a premiere experience. Thrive builds and cultivates custom environments for driven and innovative people to succeed, and Yellow Brick Road helps companies discover and reach their definition of success. 


Benefits of Thrive Workplace:

Work and roam where you want.
- Flexible work spaces to fit your needs

Amenities that you want.
- Coffee and beer to Wi-Fi and printing

Socialize how you want.
- Monthly lunch + learns, happy hours, and networking opportunities / events

Locations in downtown Denver and Cherry Creek.